Division of Land Use

The Division of Land Use reviews all applications for development to ensure they meet the requirements of the City's Land Use Ordinance and the New Jersey State Municipal Land Use Law. This includes zoning residential and commercial permit applications and all applications submitted to the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment. The division also manages the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and City’s Office of Economic Development.


The purpose of zoning is to guide the appropriate use or development of all lands, to regulate population density, and to provide adequate, light, air, and open space. Some general zoning violations include; the parking of large trucks or tractor-trailers in residential areas; parking vehicles on illegal driveways; structures erected too close to property lines; illegal conversions of basements into dwelling units; and conducting a business from a residential property.

Zoning permits are required for all sheds, fences, pools, decks, patios, driveways, parking areas, signs, and for all additions to commercial or residential buildings. A zoning permit is also required for a change in use, and a Certificate for Approval of Continued Occupancy.

When submitting a Residential Zoning Application, please be specific about work being done and submit a property survey and/or construction plans showing the size and location of all existing and proposed buildings and structures. The cost of a zoning permit is twenty ($20) dollars.  Applications for zoning permits may take up to 10 working days for approval or denial. If a zoning permit is denied, the applicant has the right to apply to the appropriate land development board for a variance. 

Commercial Zoning Permits 

Every business operating in the City of Rahway requires an approved zoning permit prior to opening. When a business is considering a location in the city, the first step is to determine whether the zone/location is approved for that type of business. For inquiries about permitted uses, you can call 732-827-2181 or email the Zoning Department at zoning@cityofrahway.com 

The City of Rahway requires a Business Registration Certificate from the State of New Jersey before doing business in the city. You may also be required to obtain additional licenses or registrations depending on your specific type of business. Visit the State of New Jersey Business website for license/certification information.

Community Development Block Grant

The Division oversees the city's CDBG program, which provides funding for many worthwhile activities and projects throughout the City of Rahway. Funds are used for: senior citizen programs, code enforcement, playground renovations, street resurfacing, public improvements, and home improvement loans. All Community Development Block Grant projects are made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The City of Rahway offers a $25,000, 0% interest, deferred home improvement loans to eligible residents. Typical repairs include roofs, windows, heating, painting, siding, kitchens, and bathrooms. The program is available to owner-occupants of one or two-family homes whose gross income meets the federal requirements for low-moderate income residents. Home Improvement Loan (PDF)

In addition, a new $10,000 Grant is available to qualify Senior Citizens for minor home improvements! Please call 732-827-2193 for additional information. Senior Citizen Grant (PDF)

Office of Economic Development

The City’s Office of Economic Development works to create a positive business climate to encourage business retention and development by supporting existing businesses and development to ensure their long term success, and attracting new businesses and development that will be sustainable for the long term, increase quality of life, meet the community’s needs, and have a net positive financial impact. 

Vacant Commercial Properties

The City of Rahway is actively working to fill its vacant commercial vacancies. If you are a prospective business owner that’s looking to open a business in Rahway, click on the following link for available locations. (Spreadsheet)

Our Step-By-Step Guide To Opening A Business (PDF) offers guidance for perspective business owners on where to start and what is needed to open a business in the City of Rahway.
Guia Paso A Paso Para Abrir un Negocio en la Ciudad de Rahway (PDF) 

If you are interested in opening a business in the City of Rahway, please email economicdevelopment@cityofrahway.com or call 732-827-2181 for additional information. 

Master Plan

View documents related to the City's Master Plan