Municipal Court

Online Municipal Case Resolution - No Court Appearance Required

Rahway Municipal Court now offers online tickets review to dispute certain moving violations through the Online municipal case resolution system. By having a moving violation reviewed online, it is not necessary to make any court appearance. Simply visit New Jersey Municipal Court Direct and enter your ticket information to see if your offense is eligible and select the option for Case Dispute. Eligible traffic tickets will be reviewed by a prosecutor and you will be notified of his recommendation. To see if you are eligible to have your matter reviewed online, please visit New Jersey Municipal Court Direct.

If your matter is not eligible for online ticket review, you can still request to have certain tickets heard in the Rahway Municipal Court. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our office.

Municipal Court sessions will now be conducted virtually/remotely to minimize exposure to COVID-19. Accordingly, all complainants, defendants, attorneys, victims are to email the municipal court or at 732-827-2039 to provide their full name, email address, and cell phone number within seven days of court notice.

If you are having difficulty logging into the Virtual Court Sessions, please see the information below:

Log on to or download the Zoom app on your smartphone  


-Click Join Meeting  

-Enter the Meeting ID below   

-Enter you first and last name as it appears on your summons.  

-Enter password  

-Wait in the waiting room until the host admits participant into meeting   


Meeting ID#:  730 202 9840  

Password:  201315  


If you do not have access to a smartphone or a computer, you may also dial in from a telephone or cell phone with the phone number provided below:  


Dial:  1 929 205 6099  

-enter Meeting ID#  

-Enter Password  

-wait for host to admit participant into meeting  


If you have any further questions, please contact the court via email or telephone at:  


Telephone#: (732) 827-2039   


Court Sessions

Mondays at 9 am
Thursdays at noon and 4 pm
Fourth Monday of each month 9 am - Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Below are the most common statewide violations and fines and our local ordinances:

Title 39OffensePenalty
3-4Unregistered Vehicle$54.00
3-29Failure to exhibit documents$180.00
3-33Unclear plates$54.00
3-66Maintenance of lamps$54.00
3-76.2fFailure to wear a seat belt$46.00
4-81Failure to observe signal$85.00
4-85Improper passing$85.00
4-97Careless driving$85.00
4-124Failure to turn$85.00
4-144Failure to stop or yield$85.00
8-11Failure to inspect$130.00
8-4Failure to make repairs$130.00

Exceeding the speed limit by


1 to 9 MPH$85.00
10 to 14 MPH$95.00
15 to 19 MPH$105.00
20 to 24 MPH$200.00
25 to 29 MPH$220.00
30 to 34 MPH$233.00

Local Ordinances & Violations

Traffic Section

Ordinance NumberOffensePenalty
401-16Trucks over Certain Weight Excluded$70.00
401-19Parking of Trucks & Buses 9 pm to 6 pm$60.00
401-20 Parking Prohibited at All Times$45.00
401-21No Stopping or Standing$45.00
401-22Parking Prohibited - Certain Hours$45.00
401-23    No Stopping or Standing – Certain Hours    $45.00
401-24    Time Limit Parking    $45.00
401-25    Angle Parking    $45.00
401-26    Loading Zones    $45.00
401-27    Taxi Stands    $45.00
401-28    Bus Stop    $45.00
401-31    Handicapped Parking    $250.00
401-35    No Parking during Snow Emergency$75.00
401-36    No Parking during State Emergency    $75.00
401-37    Removal of Vehicles Parked in Unsafe Manner    $84.00
401-40    Designation of Parking Spaces    $40.00
401-44    Meter Parking    $32.00
401-53    Residential Permit Parking    $55.00
401-70    Parking prohibited at all times RPA Deck    $45.00
401-72    Parking prohibited certain hours RPA Deck    $45.00
401-74    Time limit parking RPA Deck    $45.00
401-75    Angle parking RPA Deck    $45.00
401-79    Handicapped parking RPA Deck    $250.00
401-83    Parking by permit only    $55.00
401-85    Parking by permit only    $55.00

Union County Ordinances

Ordinance NumberOffensePenalty
Article. II, S2, S3Parking Prohibited$39.00
Article. II, S5Parking Time Limited$39.00
Article. II S7ARestricted Access/Unauthorized Parking$104.00
Article. IIITrucks Over 4 Tons$67.00
Article. IV    One Way Streets$39.00
Article. VI    Loading Zone    $39.00
Article. XI    Emergency No Parking    $39.00

Non-Traffic Section Rahway Ordinances

Ordinance NumberOffensePenalty
Article. III – 172-18, 19Snow Removal$25.00
C.O. 141-8    Dogs at Large$50.00
C.O. 141-2Annual License Dogs    $50.00
C.O. 141-9Dogs Trespassing Private Property$50.00
C.O. 141-14    Dogs Damaging Property Another$50.00
C.O. 141-13    Dog Nuisance    $50.00
C.O. 69-10    Drinking in Public    $75.00
C.O. 146-27    Noise$75.00

Union County Ordinances

Ordinance NumberOffensePenalty
Article. II, S 2Possession/Use of Alcohol in Park    $71.00
Article. II, S 3    Open Fire in County Park    $96.00
Article. III, S 1    Control of Dog$61.00
Article. III, S 2    Horses$71.00
Article. III, S 3(c)(d)    Fishing$71.00
Article. III, S 3(a)(b)(e)Hunting, Trapping$96.00
Article. IV, S 1    Bicycles$35.00
Article. IV, S 2, S 3    Recreation Vehicles Snowmobiles$71.00
Article. V, S 1-3Noise$71.00
Article. VI, S 7 (a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(g)Littering    $71.00
Article. VI, S8Loitering    $71.00

Subsequent offenses require a court appearance.