Public Works

Street Division

This Division of the Public Works Department is primarily responsible for maintaining Municipal Buildings, streets, sewers, fleet service, City tree's, park and landscaping, snow plowing, leaf collection, and emergency response. All job functions within this division are important and our employees take pride in their work.

The Public Works Department also performs critical essential services for health and safety services. This includes maintaining sanitary and storm lines and street sweeping to name a few. The Department also provides support for the Office of Emergency Management which includes working with the police, fire, and health departments during emergencies.

The Public Works Department maintains City Hall, Police Department, Recreation Center, Senior Citizen Building, Arts Guild, Public Works, E Stearns Pump Station, E Hazelwood Pump Station, E Milton Pump Station, Dock Street Sanitary Station, and Totten Street Station.

The City of Rahway consists of 75 road miles in the 4.1 square miles which are maintained by the Public Works Department which includes repairing sanitary and storm sewers, 1037 catch basics, snow and ice control, and removal, pothole repair, street signs, and traffic signals, drainage, and cleaning of brooks, creeks, and culverts along with flood control and levee maintenance.

The Division employs four mechanics that are responsible for maintaining over 100 motorized municipal vehicles as well as over 250 pieces of various equipment. This crew does everything from preventative maintenance to changing out engines and transmissions. They keep the City equipment running so all essential services can be provided to our citizens.

Our Sewer Department is responsible for all sanitary sewers mains, storm drains, and catch basins. They also operate and maintain three storm pumping stations and our Dock Street sanitary pumping station. All stations are critical infrastructure areas that have a direct impact on our quality of life in Rahway.

The City of Rahway has over 10,000 municipal shade trees and our shade tree department handles everything from minor trims and tree plantings to removals. They are trained in CPR/First Aid, chainsaw safety, and ACRT Certified and they are one of our most visible and recognized groups.

The Division of Parks and Landscaping handles the maintenance and cutting of the grass at 8 baseball fields, 9 basketball courts, 3 tennis courts, 1 soccer field, 2 football fields, 11 municipal playgrounds, and numerous passive parks totaling over 70 acres on a weekly basis.

Our leaf season runs from October through December and the majority of the Department is focused on collecting over 5,000 cubic yards of leaves from our residents We utilize front end loaders, street sweepers, refuse trucks which are equipped with leaf chutes, and numerous other vehicles for this massive undertaking,

During a significant snowfall event, the Department mobilizes over twenty pieces of plow equipment to handle the community 75 plus road miles along with various municipal parking lots and community areas.

During a natural disaster, the Public Works Department plays an important part in the emergency response. We are tasked with keeping our roads open for emergency vehicles along with many other important tasks depending on the emergency. In the past, we have helped with downed trees and major flooding issues. We work closely with OEM and other agencies to help our community return to normal operations as quickly as possible. View the full list of services provided by the Street Division.

Garbage & Recycling Division

The Division of Solid Waste and Recycling has been given the task of collecting thousands of tons of materials from our community every year. Providing Rahway residents with the most cost-effective, service-oriented program for our community has been our priority since our inception in 1998. The addition of this Division has saved tax dollars for our residents and increased our abilities to respond to emergency situations. We continue to evolve and change to meet the needs of our community. We look forward to implementing new and progressive ideas for the benefit of everyone.

This Division is responsible for collecting and transporting to disposal or market: household garbage/trash, bulky waste, yard waste/grass/branches, and recyclables, including bottles and cans, paper products, electronics, and rechargeable batteries.

The Division also generates cost savings and revenue by providing services to other agencies such as The Rahway Housing Authority, Golden Age Towers, Rahway Board of Education, and the Township of Kenilworth.

Having the equipment and manpower to save tax dollars, respond to natural disasters and emergencies while still providing essential services has been the objective of this Division since its inception.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Division of Solid Waste and Recycling at 732-827-2159 or email the Division of Solid Waste and Recycling.

View the full list of services provided by the Garbage and Recycling Division.