Public Health 


Please be aware that as of December 1, 2023 The City of Rahway Department of Health will NO LONGER be accepting cash. 

All fee's must be paid by Check or Money Order.

The Environmental Section is involved with public health inspection programs and also responds to citizen complaints in such areas as: food safety; rodent infestations; air, water and noise pollution



Body Art Establishment InspectionBody Art Establishment Application
Public Swimming Pool InspectionsEmail Health
Environmental ComplaintsEmail Health
Retail Food EstablishmentFood License Application
Food Truck/Temporary Food VendorTemporary Food Vendor Application

**Additional requirement is needed for food truck and mobile vendor units. Please check with Clerk’s Office for prior approval**


Retail Food Establishments

The department inspects a variety of retail food establishments (restaurants, food stores, food vehicles and vending machines) on a routine basis. Food handler training courses are offered (and mandatory to all food establishments) to provide education on food safety techniques that minimize potential food-borne disease outbreaks. Inspectors participate with the New Jersey Department of Health on food recalls, smoking in restaurant programs and other activities as they arise.

Rah Pool

Rahway pool

Public Pools

Seasonal and year-round facilities such as pools and hot tubs are routinely inspected. Weekly lab analyses on all public bathing places are required and reviewed for bacteria and chemical levels to assure safety of bathing waters.

  1. Health_Red_Black

    Andrea Alvare

    Director/Health Officer

  1. De Zheng

    Chief Registered Environmental Health Specialist
    Additional Phone: 732-827-2085

  2. Marvin Yanez

    Registered Environmental Health Specialist
    Additional Phone: 732-827-2085


Childhood Lead Poisoning Investigation and Prevention

Environmental home inspections and nursing services are provided to families of children found to be lead poisoned or lead exposed