Flood Hazard Information

This website has been developed to provide information and resources to the citizens and property owners of the City of Rahway regarding flood hazard areas and the impact of same on people/properties within the City of Rahway.  The goal is to reduce the amount of flood damage and injury to persons sustained during future flood events. 

What to do before, during and after a flood

Click here for a two-page infographic on what to do before, during and after a flood.

Flood Hazard Area Maps

Click here to be taken to FEMA's website where you can enter your address to determine whether the property you are interested in is located within a flood hazard area.  Contact the Engineering Department if you need assistance with locating same.

Hazard Mitigation Plan and Reports

2022 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Report - This document is the 2022 update to the City of Rahway's Hazard Mitigation Plan which is a component of the Union County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Union County 2016 Hazard Mitigation Plan - The link will take you to the Rahway component of the Union County Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The 2021 version of the Union County Hazard Mitigation Plan will be posted when made available by Union County. 

NJDEP Blue Acres Buyout Program

The Blue Acres program is administered by the State of New Jersey with local government assistance.  The program uses state and federal funds to purchase and demolish homes.  The land on which the property was located is then protected by a deed restriction from future development.  If your property qualifies, the purchase price of your property will be at fair market value at the time the property was damaged.  Funding for this program is limited so you are urged to submit an obligation free application as soon as possible to add your property to the list.  Please click here to find out more information about the buyout program and to register your property for buyout.

Flood Insurance Information

Please click here to visit the FEMA website for information on purchasing flood insurance for your property.

Disclaimer:  This website is intended to provide an overview of key information related to flood risk and vulnerability as per federal, state and local regulations and flood hazard area mapping as complimentary guidance materials ONLY .   The information contained on this webpage is not intended to provide formal legal, engineering, construction, insurance or other advice.  By providing this website, liability is not assumed by the municipality, or any officer, or employee thereof for any damage that results from use of the information or determinations made by use of the information contained herein.