Dog Waste

The City of Rahway encourages pet owners to pick up after their pets and dispose of waste. Pet waste is a hazard that has environmental and health impacts on communities when not properly removed and disposed of. It can cause humans and pets to get sick, and when left on the ground, washes down storm drains and contaminates rivers and streams. The City of Rahway is installing Pet Waste Bag Dispensers on Central Avenue by the Rahway Community Garden and at Mione Park on New Church Street to encourage owners to pick up after their pets. 

5 Facts About the Effects of Dog Waste:

  • Pet waste is bad for our health as it contains bacteria and parasites that infect people and pets including food poisoning, tapeworm and hookworm. 
  • A dime’s worth of dog waste contains as many as 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, such as E. coli. 
  • Pet waste is bad for the environment. Decaying pet waste can release pollutants into the water causing algae blooms that use up oxygen and harm fish and other aquatic life. 
  • Pet waste piles up. A typical 40 pounds dog makes about 274 pounds of dog waste each year. 
  • Dog waste cannot go in compost. Put waste in a bag, tie it closed, and toss it in the garbage.

Together we can keep Rahway clean and healthy.